Download a Zulip client for your platform


The Zulip desktop app is a native app wrapping the Zulip web application, adding rich desktop notifications to the experience. We highly recommend either using the Zulip desktop app or pinning the Zulip tab in your favorite web browser.


The beta version of our new cross-platform desktop app is ready for you to try now, and should work on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You'll have to install it using the command line, and there might be some rough edges; if you run into anything that doesn't feel right, please let us know.


Download the package here


Get the executable here


There's a Linux client, but we don't have binaries posted yet. We hope to have a PPA setup soon. In the meantime, you can clone the git repo and build from source.

Plan 9

First, connect to our hosted 9P filesystem at and then... no, we're totally kidding. There definitely isn't a version of Zulip for Plan 9.


Get the Zulip app for your device in the App Store or the Google Play Store

Note: The Zulip Android app has many 1-star Play Store ratings from a time when the app was not maintained. The Zulip Android app is now actively developed by the open source community, and we greatly appreciate reviews to help the app's Play Store rating reflect the app's quality today!